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The program is unavailable for downloading: discontinued by the developer.
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Publisher's description

This program has been discontinued.
It is no longer being updated, and you won't be able to obtain it from its original developer.
Golden Al-Wafi Translator 6.0 is an English/Arabic translation software for advanced users and professional translators. Expanded and specialized dictionaries and multi-document translation makes this software suitable for advanced translation purposes.


- Fast and accurate translation
- New translation engine
- Translates thousands of words in just seconds
- English Text-to-Speech
- New dictionary with more than 2 million English/Arabic entries
- Eight specialized science dictionaries in Medicine, Veterinary, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Engineering and Geology
- Multi-document translation
- Multiple file translation in the background (batch translation)
- English/Arabic Dictionary
- Arabic/English Dictionary
- English spelling checker
- Arabic text with/without vowel points (harakat)
- Transliteration of proper nouns
- Bilingual user interface
- Bilingual electronic user guide (HTML)
- Runs under windows 98/2000/NT/ME/XP
- Free internet updates (for version 3.00)


- PC
- 166 MHz processor
- 32 MB RAM
- 30 MB of free hard disk space
- Sound Card (optional for text-to-speech)
- Microsoft Internet Explorer™ 4.0 or later
- Arabic-enabled Microsoft Windows™ 98/2000/ME/NT/XP operating system

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    Guest 11 months ago

    Great approach to solve your problems in languages but I could not install this software in my PC.

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    Shohom 4 years ago


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    Joseph 4 years ago
    Pros: It works if you have the patience to jump hoops all day.
    Cons: Too many bells and whistles.

    The old version you had only to bring it up, type in the phrase OR verse and it brought either one(s) up. You could scroll then instead of typing the next chapters or previous chapters. You could highlight a word, right click and go to the definition.The Bible verses had larger numbers for easier reading.
    The new version, you have to open it up, pick a search mode, then click on a box to choose phrase or verse among other things.If you want to know a definition of a word, you have to already know which number for the dictionary for the word in the verse.
    This is quickverse 2011 and it is a waste of 65$! I loved the old version andhate the new one.